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We are committed to provide a Direct Distribution approach that elevates customer awareness, provides flexibility, and delivers immediate and ongoing cost savings.
Our innovative culture supports our vision enabling us to be a resource and advocate to our customers. By combining the value of distribution and a manufacturer direct approach, we consistently deliver quality products at the desired price level.
  • Integrity: Unbiased and uninfluenced politically, honest and ethical.
  • Innovative: Forward thinking and creative spirit.
  • Inclusive: Collaborative, supportive and compassionate.
  • Excellence: Culture of continuous improvement.

Formed in December 2016, the team at J2 Resources recognized there were many areas within the industrial distribution supply chain that could be vastly improved. Fueled by an innovative spirit to be a resource and advocate to our customers, the underpinnings of all that we do are rooted by a simple question; does this bring value to our customer? Our goal is to consistently build loyalty and cultivate customer relationships. We strive to continuously provide and improve the way our customers experience the benefits of partnering with J2 Resources. These benefits are summarized by simplifying and ever-improving the process of obtaining products by offering a combination of technical expertise, best-in-class technology and streamlining of the supply chain. J2 Resources offers a transparent model that blends buying direct from the manufacturer with all the value of transacting with a distributor. We are committed to remove redundancies, leverage what exists in the marketplace and allow customers to tap further upstream in the supply chain. This results in cost savings, quality and efficiency for you!

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J2 Resources Team

  Joe Dugan: Co-founder and a managing member. Joe’s career in Industrial Distribution started in 1987. His product focus was in corrosion resistant alloys for PVF and he worked his way to branch management. Joes versatility eventually took him into diverse roles ranging from product management to sales management where his style of promoting a culture of positivity and optimism took hold. He enjoyed the entrepreneurial spirit of privately held companies and expanded his expertise by learning how to navigate the nuances of larger distribution organizations. He held key executive management roles including District Management and President responsible for Global Distribution. Possessing a pioneering spirit and always striving for innovative solutions, this creativity serves as the driver and is at the essence of J2 Resources.
John Brunetti: Co-founder and a managing member. After graduating from Miami (OH) University with a Bachelor of Science – Accounting degree in 2007, John started his career in sales taking on various positions for a large, corporate company. He rose into sales management and was responsible for multiple state and branch performance. After moving out of the corporate environment, he joined a privately held company overseeing their midstream product sales. He recognized throughout his career the industrial market had a need to fill a gap caused by traditional distribution. Using this valuable experience helped shape the idea behind J2 Resources.
Austin Steinhauser: Account Manager. After graduating from Miami University with a Bachelor of Science – Finance degree in 2012, Austin began his career in a management trainee program where he quickly advanced into other positions ranging from Project Manager to Product Sales Manager. Austin developed a knack for severe service applications and the technical products that serve critical applications. Austin is experienced in setting and executing the strategy for these products as well as collaborating with the key customer personnel to reach the best solution per application. Being an advocate and servicing the customer has always been at the forefront of Austin’s approach and he is carrying and expanding those attributes to J2 Resources.


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