Case Study


A Global EPC – Engineering, Procurement and Construction firm.


Wide range of Energy and Petrochemical projects.

Product category/service purchased/areas of interest:

Supply Chain – Pipe, Valves, Fitting and Flange

The Issue – posed by the client:

J2 Resources was approached by the client that has a number of upcoming projects that will require the use of pipe, valves, fittings & flanges.
The client wants to ensure all data they provide to their customers is accurately rooted with the true cost and best value for these commodity items, thus optimizing spend.

The solution – resolved by J2 Resources:

Using their extensive knowledge in manufacturing and materials management, J2 Resources provided a highly-detailed breakdown of a range of products in this category.
Rather than focusing just on the final costs of items, J2 Resources delved into the minutia of the products’ creation and delivered detail around: raw materials (billet, forgings, castings), machining, heat treating, assembly and shipping. They looked at how many times the product was touched, and total cost of ownership.
J2 Resources was transparent with the EPC enabling them to deliver the desired results.

Lessons learned:

J2 Resources was enlightened to how much information the client required and views the process of gathering this information as a learning experience.
By virtue of stepping through this process, it has left J2 Resources thinking how many other customers face the same challenges and could benefit from a similar solution.