August 11, 2020

J2 Resources provides end to end solutions for crude storage and pipeline operators

As America ascended as the leading global energy producer, demand for logistics and infrastructure projects soared.

Given years of industry experience, ranging from loading arms to storage and custody transfer, J2 Resources aligned a supply chain to meet this surging demand. Today, the company’s product and service range is virtually unparalleled in terms of understanding applications and delivering in a timely manner.

Considering time to market as a driving force to decision-makers, J2 focuses on delivery performance for project requirements. The performance naturally facilitates the on-time and under-budget priorities of project managers. Given the turbulence surrounding markets today, the last thing customers want to burden themselves with is delivery.

Leveraging this model, J2 Resources has proved to be a critical supplier to the crude pipeline and storage industry. One example is its large bore and high yield inventory, stocking one of the largest approved fittings and flange inventories up to 36ins for these applications across the US.

Additionally, J2 executed on several valve requirements used in manifold and metering systems where isolation is critical. Triple offset butterfly valves and double block & bleed expanding plug valves are commonly used for this application. Similarly, J2 leveraged relationships with globally approved and recognised manufacturers to ship project level quantities and offer inventory support.


Critical to any liquid hydrocarbon asset is custody transfer measurement. There have been recent challenges with incumbent Coriolis type meters in crude systems. Operators have experienced issues where meter performance frequently drifts outside permissible tolerances. The remedy was to bypass and remove the meter, apply steam to loosen the build-up of waxy paraffin on the vibrating tubes, flush with hot kerosene to clean and refit.

J2 is a distributor for Brodie International, a world leader in PD meters, and after being approached by an end-user, Brodie went through a series of tests and trials using its BiRotor plus (BR+) design. The unique design of the BR+ means that the rotation of helical rotors negates the possibility of a build-up and with only two moving parts has a very low maintenance threshold.

One customer commented that this meter “chews through the paraffin!” Six months later, the BR+ saw zero downtime with the customer realising the immediate lowered cost of ownership with great accuracy and repeatability. Now offering this design through 16ins, J2 is positioned to serve crude oil systems with a reliable solution.

Quality is the cornerstone of the J2 Resources model. Beginning with purchase product specifications supported by first article qualification protocols and continued with verification protocols, J2 has set a new bar in quality processes. Not only do customers get material on time, but they also get material that reduces installation cost as well as all the ancillary items J2 has in inventory.

J2 Resources takes a novel yet effective approach to meeting crude oil terminal and pipeline requirements.


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