April 8, 2020

According to John Brunetti, vice president of sales and co-founder of J2 Resources, “If you use the same approach, you are almost guaranteed the same outcome.”

For decades, the midstream and downstream markets have leveraged the supply chain power of major distribution companies. By working with a combination of master distribution and large pipe, valves and fittings (PVF) suppliers, oil, gas and petrochemical companies have gained access to recognized, globally approved PVF manufacturers. While this model may work in some cases, there are certainly gaps and underserved areas. 

In the past, only the largest distribution companies could reap these benefits. J2 Resources has changed that, revolutionizing the industry with the company’s “Direct Distribution” model. Now, business development and the supply chain can work closely to better serve the industry, providing a highly optimized and efficient PVF supply chain.

Founded in 2016, J2 Resources focuses on taking PVF and engineered product distribution to the next level. The founders of J2 Resources spent the majority of their careers working with large-scale distribution companies until deciding to create their own solution. They accomplished this by providing innovative services through a broad range of products and combining them with a unique supply chain optimization approach. 

Using the Direct Distribution model, J2 helps customers solve their toughest supply chain challenges by understanding the applications, providing demand diagnostics and market insight, and then designing a supply chain that brings forward recognized and approved manufacturers and strategic inventory. The revolutionary model was designed to combine the benefits of buying as close to the supply source as possible, yet still bringing the value of distribution and committing top-notch service to all clients in the industry.

J2 Resources has a vast array of expertise ranging from project management and maintenance, repair and operations contracts to specialty custody transfer applications, international supply chain and downstream niche markets. J2 also applies these same attributes to the commodity spectrum of PVF distribution, where value differentiation is more difficult to quantify. By definition, commodities are readily available, but J2 focuses on specialized market segments and highly specialized products few distributors choose to stock. These specialized items and segments of the market are the focal points that set J2 Resources’ service and expertise apart.

“We listen, we learn, we investigate in order to find arenas where others either choose not to compete or only offer the customer the same way it has always been done,” explained CEO and Co-founder Joe Dugan. “We provide solutions to the industry by cultivating relationships throughout the supply chain for refineries, plants, pipelines and terminals.” 

J2 Resources outperforms peer companies on multiple fronts. These advantages also compare favorably with large, multinational distribution organizations. Unlike the cookie-cutter distribution companies you are already familiar with, J2 Resources has the nimbleness of a small service operation and the resourcefulness of a large enterprise.

Experience PVF supply chain optimization today with J2 Resources’ Direct Distribution model. For more information visit www.j2resources.com, call (866) 280-2418 or email info@j2resources.com